HWI Group


Who are we
Based in the Netherlands, HWI Group delivers a full range of engineering, design, project management, quality control, and fabrication services. Since January 1991 HWI Group has been supplying machined parts and filters.

In 1991 HWI Group started HWI Techniek (now named HWI Machining) as a high end machining company to serve the most demanding industries. In 2012 HWI Group founded Pressure Equipment Holland (now named TM Filters) to serve the Up-stream Oil & Gas market with custom filtration solutions.

Mission and vision
We are determined to deliver custom made solutions, advice and services for our clients. In order to succeed we use the latest machines and technologies. Our drive during engineering and manufacturing is Safety, Reliability and Quality.

At HWI Group we believe it's important to continuously innovate in Employees, Engineering and in our Machines.


1 jan. 2017
More growth

Presently more than 50 employees with agencies world wide

1 okt. 2016
Name change

In October 2016 PE Holland became TM Filters

1 okt. 2016
Name change

In October 2016 HWI Techniek became HWI Machining

3 jan. 2010
New company

In 2012 Introduced new company Pressure Equipment Holland

2 jan. 2010

In 2010 The headcount increased to 24 employees

1 jan. 2010

In 2010 The whole company moved to the another industrial area in Alphen aan den Rijn

1 jan. 1998

In 1998 Introduced fully CAD-CAM driven CNC 5-axis milling combinations

1 jan. 1997

in 1997 HWI Group expanded the production area

1 jan. 1994

In 1994 The whole company moved to the industrial area in Alphen aan den Rijn

3 jan. 1991
First location

Location in Koudekerk with 4 employees at startLocation in Koudekerk with 4 employees at start

2 jan. 1991

HWI – Named after one of the company founders
Founded by Han de Wind and Ton Wolvers

1 jan. 1991

HWI established in January 1991 incl. business unit HWI Techniek

If you have any questions or queries please send us an email at info@hwigroup.eu
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